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What is PolyPing?

Polyping is the consummate lead management system based on unparalleled experience in the industry. Polyping is designed to keep you organized and focused on the sales process. Leads are valuable and by using lead management software, you have a central hub to help keep both management and the sales staff up to date and focused on the same goal - make the sale. Leads can come from websites, mobile devices, and lead providers.

About PolyPing

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Publishers love PolyPing

With PolyPing publishers have the power and finite control over their leads that they've always wanted. We have the tools you've been dreaming of. Our advanced algorythms have been built with lead quality and value in mind.

For Publishers

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Advertisers love the PolyPing

Imagine being able to aggregate all of your lead streams into one easy to use platform. From your own in-house creatives; to other publishers, all under one roof. Independently optimizing leads and lead sources in real time!

For Advertisers

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